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Songwriting & music program

for beginners to established artists. Songwriting, music, hip hop, visual arts, film. Read more

Welcome to Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart is a vibrant community of songwriters, singers, rappers, musicians and arts makers who experience visible and invisible disability, mental illness, neuro and gender diversity. Read more About us here.

Wild At Heart supports and trains artists to develop their creative work, learn skills in songwriting, music making and music industry. Workshop programs, bands and hip hop crews, individual mentoring and special projects enable people to make friends, feel well, develop as artists and engage in the community through paid and voluntary artistic work. Check out our Programs page info for more details.

Bands, crews, artists

Established performance groups, rock bands, hip hop crew and artists

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Artist mentoring

Mentoring and management for emerging to semi-professional artists. Read more

Special Projects

Music comedy, live music events, touring, online gigs and more.

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Work with us

Artist Development Manager - FULL TIME  Read more

Business Manager - PART TIME  Read more

Communications Manager - CASUAL  Read more

Volunteers - songwriting and music mentors, project support, administration. Read more

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EMAIL             info@wildatheart.org.au

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Access and Covid Safe

Wild At Heart runs a program of fully accessible songwriting, hip hop, music and skill development workshops and mentoring which are delivered both in person and online. We follow government guidance throughout the year to ensure our programs are always Covid safe. Please get in touch if you have specific access needs and would like to find out more.

Alice Gartner aka Anni Neptune